History of the hotel

The history of this hotel is connected with the railway army. At the end of the 1960s, the then command decided on the construction of a Training and Catering Center in Sázava. The construction took place in several stages. In 1971, the hotel building was put into operation. Subsequently, the cottage complex was completed, including an amphitheater and sports grounds. In 1977, cottages of the Javorina type were built. The center was used for the training needs of the railway army, as well as for training and meetings of the Czechoslovak State Railways and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications. In the summer months, it was frequently visited for recreation, when around 200 people were accommodated and fed in fortnightly shifts. At the end of the eighties, the hotel part was significantly modernized and the kitchen was modernized.

After the abolition of the railway army in 1994, the center was taken over by the successor organization SOŽ, the founder of which was the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. Subsequently, it was renamed the Sázava Training and Recreation Center. In the 1990s, the restaurant part was modernized, including the entrance areas. The center continued to be used for various conferences (including international), training and especially for recreation, which became very popular and there was great interest in them. Weddings and celebrations were also held here for various occasions.

At the end of 1996, the then Ministry of Transport removed the center from the property of SOŽ and was subsequently handed over to the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. After that, it was leased to private entities. At that time, the name Hotel Sázava was used. After the lease ended, the hotel and cottage complex began to decay, the equipment was destroyed and devastated.

After several attempts to sell it, the devastated complex was bought by SaZ s.r.o. Hodonín, which gradually reconstructed the cottage complex (cottages Javorina) and carried out a general overhaul of the entire hotel and renamed the hotel "Resort Erich".